Saturday, December 27, 2008

The month that was...

I haven't updated for a while with the usual end of year rush so here are a few highlights of the past couple of weeks. Better grab your coffee first....

Create 08 - OMG - in all the years I have been scrapbooking I have never done a live class and now I have really been initiated. I haven't been to Wattle Park since I left school and I refuse to say how many years ago that was. Some things don't change - especially the Chalet. The classes were fast and furious and Heidi Swapp was a delight. Loved the techique class! And its always more fun with friends - spending time with Wendy, Leeanne, Willisa, Susan, Kim and Deb was great as I rarely get to see the PD girls these days - not that there was much time for chatting. Susan won the door prize - how typical! Hit the ProShop at the golf club for a real coffee to recharge the batteries and I came home with a new driver - well who could resist the lovely pink shaft...just got to get out and play.

I have been cyber cropping - gives me a break from working. First one was for Scrapping Around . We had to "Scrap your Stash"

Old photos (10 years or over): -

Old supplies: - Use up all our old chipboard:-
Then there were some fun step by step decorations -
And the bonus was that I won shop prizes for the layouts so now I have my inks and mask to do finish my Heidi calendar.
Next one was for Chook Scraps - using Christmas colours for this challenge.

That's more scrapping then I have done in months!
Emily had her school presentation day at Fun Fields in Whittlesea - I am loving Eastlink - saved me nearly half and hour each way. And so different to last year - this time she was off with her friends as soon as we got through the gate. She was rapt that Nat - who moved to Healesville earlier this year - was there too. She loved driving the go karts. And I loved the report and the comments from her teachers!

Bec did really well with her Year 11 subjects and passed Year 12 Further Maths. Yeasterday she spent the day in the city with a friend and they went to the aquarium (appropriate for a future conservation biologist and zoo keeper!) and went up to the Skydeck at Eureka Tower. They thought it was so cool.

We had the usual Sunday before Christmas with John's family - his 2yo grandson James was hilarious and we given the exciting news that Chris and Tamara are expecting their first - so he will have another grandchild in June.

Our Christmas was lovely - Bec had gone on a huge present buying spree this year but the nicest thing was what she had written on cards to John, Em and me. Very thoughtful. We went at watched a light show at a house on Olivers Hill on Christmas Eve. Christmas dinner was at my mother's - only 11 this year with my brother and partner, Sean and Sarah, and Kathy away and Tom no longer with us - she did a fabulous job.

Nanny playing Santa:-
The pudding made to my grandmother's recipe and bought to the table to be lit:-
MIL, John, Em and Bec:-
Sean has been in Qld for a month with Sarah's family. Her mum has finished chemo now and wanted a holiday to celebrate. Pity she picked up a really nasty cold which she gave to everyone except Sean and Sarah. They got back yesterday so we made the girls wait until last night to open the last of their presents - a Wii and Wii Fit - and it wasn't to be set up until today - I am such a mean mother!

Congratulations if you have made it his far - I am on holidays now until the 12th Jan so now the mad rush is over I can hopefully relax and recharge the batteries.
Its' nearly 2009!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hope you are have a wonderful day and if you are travelling take care.
I'll be soon with an update - its time now to open presents!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another show is over....

Last Sunday Christmas Show finished for this year. Bec has skated the past 7 years with her team and in full cast items. This year she offered to choreograph a "filler" so that the younger ones had time to change their costumes. Typically it was comedy - she and Karissa skated to "Lasagna" by Weird Al Yankovic complete with chef's outfits, moutashes (when they didn't fall off!) checkered table cloth and her fabulous fake lasagna. Certainly had plenty of laughs and the funny thing is that Bec hasn't freeskated for over 2 years and the only times she landed on the floor it was deliberate.

I finally did some scrapping - other than for SCKC. Haven't done a blind challenge in ages.

Maybe I'd better start the Christmas cards....

Its only 6 more sleeps to Heidi!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Christmas Show time....

Almost time for our skating Christmas Show (December 6,7) so I seem to have spent all my time lately organising and making costumes for other people. Muchkin boot covers for Wizard of Oz, witch dresses for Wicked, headpieces for Lion King, basic white leos for Christmas theme. I wonder what some of the other parents are doing? They certainly are not doing anything to help. (That's my whinge for the day!)
This year is Simon's 20th show so it is a mix of diferent items from previous shows. They are also doing Thriller, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Little Mermaid We haven't started looking for Bec's things yet and dress rehearsal is Saturday. This year she is only skating for part of the show and the rest she will be the MC.
I will be so glad when it is over for another year - then maybe I can play in my scraproom....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all scrappers....

Do you have left over scrapping supplies, a little time and the willingness to make a difference in a child's life? Southern Cross Kids Camps are again asking for assistance to produce 6x6 pages for the children's camp albums. These children have suffered abuse, neglect or other problems. Each child is given a 20 page album as a record of their time in camp and for some these are the only photos they have. The links on my sidebar will take you to Julie's blog and the SCKC site. The target is 6300 pages for the year but as the first camps are in January it is time to get started.
The pages should be simple - space for a 5x3.5" photo and a spot for some journalling. The layout is best if it can be used for both landscape and portrait photos as this makes it more versatile and we need pages for suitable for girls and boys (not really "girly" pastel layouts)
My first batch is ready is ready to send.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wow - 24 years.....

It's our 24th wedding anniversary today so I am posting a photo taken by Helen Vella at our team dinner in Perth. This would probably be the only photo taken of the two of us together for at least 2 years.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bye Molly....

It has been a sad week in our home - one of our rats lost her battle with cancer. Em is so devoted to her little friends and they love her just as much. Molly was her "special" one and was usually found tucked under her pony tail or in the hood of her jacket. We knew her time was close on Cup Day so between Em and I we held her for several hours until she passed. Although Em was extremely upset I was very proud of the way in which she acted that day. I would love to see her working with animals.

Em took this of the girls playing with Bec - Nat (the black and white one) is such a little fatty, she must have been eating Molly's share of their food. Looks like ratty diet coming on.

Big brother's sympathetic comment - "when can we get a cat?"

Halloween - part 2.....

Thought I should show you Emily's Halloween effort - her t-shirt says it all "Good Girl Gone Bad"

She had a great time skating with her Bad Fairy friend, Elissa. It is lovely to watch the changes in her lately - although I don't know whether my wallet is going to survive the shopping trips...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeen....

I am a slack blogger....

Not heaps happening around here atm, Bec has just started training in her new boots and is finding it a huge adjustment. The physio is really happy with the them - exactly half the weight of her old ones. I made some bags for her to store them in - her skates cost me heaps so I would prefer she didn't just throw them in her dirty case. Don't you love the unicorns, so appropriate for a

Bec went to her friend Kat's 17th birthday last Saturday night - it was a goth night. She did a fabulous job with her make-up. It looked even better irl. She borrowed bits and pieces from Em to wear. Kat's dad looked hysterical dressed up in his corset and fishnets a la Rocky Horror - he definitely didn't have the Charles Atlas seal of approval! Kat was an axe murderer's victim. They all had a great time.
Sunday was an Elementary skating comp and Bec was coaching her first skater. Courtney did well for her first figure comp and in her other events won 2 silvers. I made her leo the day before and it hadn't been tried on so there was a bit sigh of relief when it fitted perfectly. It looked really elegant on the floor - love my hot fix crystals!
Tonight is Halloween fundraiser skate at the club so Em is busily deciding how ghoulish she can look. I have orders to pick up black lipstick. I just need to get John to finish mounting my skates - especially if I want to start lessons again. Shhhh.... don't tell him I am planning on competing again after Christmas...he thinks I am too old.....never!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Just thought I'd show some proofs of the photos of Rebecca taken at Nationals during her figure event. The photographer is Bryan Lloyd-Jones (who is also a top level skater) and although he took only half the photos of Bec as he did of the others in her event every one of them is great. It was lovely to hear the photographer, judges and officials comment on how elegant and relaxed she looked.
Have a look at Xtreme
Don't try this one at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The power of prayer...

As most of Jenni's friends are aware, today she is having her major surgery. Let's send her as many prayers as we can to carry her and family through this difficult time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are home....

Got home at 2am Saturday from our week in Perth so had one 2 hour time zone adjustment - and now another last night for daylight saving.
Bec skated really well and placed 5th out of 11 (places 3-5 were decided on countback). She was very happy as it was her first Australian titles as an individual. Her team event was incredible - they have had sickies, injuries and rarely trained with their full team of 16. The opposing team - also from Melbourne skated really well but when ours started the entire audience were holding their breath. Their speed and technical difficulty set them apart. They skated the best routine they have ever done - the coaches were in tears at the end of it. Now she has 2 Australian Champion medals for precision - last year for Open level and this year for International level and has retired from the team event.

The best bit for Bec was being able to cut the strapping tape off her foot after 5 days. It worried us that she became quite depressed over the first weekend - we weren't staying where her friends were, and even if we were there she couldn't swim or do anything that might damage the tape as it was a public holiday in Perth on the Monday and we could not get a physio to redo the strapping. A trip to AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) fixed that - the touch pool was so therapeutic. Especially when she was playing with the shark and starfish. It was fabulous to watch my young biologist explaining about the creatures to Em (who normally she wouldn't want to be seen with!) and any young children around her - Bec was right in her element. She has been behind the scenes at the Melbourne Aquarium to had some prior experience.

We managed to fit in a trip to the Zoo, day at Fremantle, breakfast at Hilary's Boat Harbour, a game or two at Burswood Casino and plenty of driving along the coast. None of this was too far from the lovely little unit where we stayed in Scarborough. Bec went to Kings Park with her friends and managed to fall of a swing and get a lovely bruise on her face.
We were also able to buy her new skating boots (on sale - only $600!!!) made with carbon fibre which weight a quarter of what her old ones do so that will also help her foot recover. We had planned on throwing the old ones out onto the Marmion Reef to make a house for some fish but didn't have the tools with us!
Emily enjoyed her first flights and wants to do it again.
Better go and get Bec up for work.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am afraid that word and I are not very compatible! I am flying out to Perth for a week tomorrow and feel like nothing is ready. In reality flights and accomodation are booked, costumes are made and in their bags, I just need to pack(or re repack) clothes and organise how many cases we are taking. Bec has to take 2 pairs of skates (13kg!) so they will be in one, so we can only take 3 others plus carry on. And fit them into the small car John has hired to go out to the airport. Fun. Can't wait to get there - our unit overlooks Scarborough Beach. Bec finishes competing on Tuesday night so we have a few days to explore and catch up with friends.

I withdrew from Battle of the Scrappers and So You Think You Can Scrap this week - I was putting myself under too much pressure with so much else to organise that I wasn't enjoying them.

Final results can back from CT scans and there are some major concerns - not as simple as first thought. This time its gastrolenterologist and colonoscopy - what a fun thing to come home to. Looks like a change of lifestyle might be in order.

Better get back to work......

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Round 2 Scrap-eography

- A mixture of at least 3 patterned papers in various colours, patterns, brands and textures
- Ink (lots of it!)
- Journaling strips
- Everything a little off centre and generally weighted to one side
- Dimension
- One large photo

PP - Daisy D's, MM, Kaisercraft, BG (cut out) and something out of scraps box for journalling strips Cardstock - Prisma; Letters - Heidi Swapp; Inks (black and white)Pen, Kindy GLitz, Kaisercraft pearls.

I really didn't think I was going to do this one as I couldn't sit for more than a few minutes at a time but managed to get this done and unploaded in 1/2 hour - must be a record for me.

Voting finished tonight and I have made it to Round 3.

I have been given some lovely blog awards too - I will post those when I get some time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where has this week gone?...

Seems no time since last weekend. It has been a stressful week - after being in incredible unexplained stomach/pelvic pain for a few days - ended up yesterday with my whole day being taken up with doctor's visits, ultrasound, CT scans. And if I get asked one more time if I could be pregnant I will scream! But then maybe I should be flattered that they think I am much My mother offered to come with me but I chose to go by myself. The sitting around, delays with the reporting finally took its toll once I got back to doctors and I fell apart. Luckily I had time to go and get a latte from Macca's next door - maybe it was just caffiene deprivation and not having eaten much for a few days. Luckily the results showed up a problem that a week or two on 2 antibiotics should fix. We were all very relieved.

During this I still managed to do my Battle of the Scrappers layout for 3 Angels. This weeks cryptic clues translated to white, black or brown cardstock, green papers, green or natural embellies, nature photos.

Materials used: Prisma cardstock, PP, blings, wooden flourishes - Kaisercraft, Green Tara flowers, skeleton leaves, American Craft and CM letters.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Round 1 Scrap-eography

1. Hand cutting of pp designs
2. Edge Distressing
3. Layering
4. Use of white/negative space
5. Texture
6. Non-standard size photos (not 4x6, 5x7 etc)
7. Clustering

That's all fine but I needed a photo first. I am not one of these lucky people who can put together a layout - then find a photo to fit. Flicking through the 5,000 or so on my computer I found this one taken of Emily at Sovereign Hill a couple of years ago - just before she started high school and all the problems that went with that. I love the look of concentration as she tried to use the manual potters wheel. I often went there when I was at school and always had to be dragged away from the pottery - no surprise to my family when I did ceramics as part of my VCE art course. Finally at 1.30 this morning it was finished. Doesn't help when you get called out to look at things of TV every 5 minutes!

Materials used: Cardstock - TLC, Prisma; PP - Cloud 9 -Razzberry Heaven, Chocolate Chalet; Rub-ons - Cloud 9; Letters - Chatterbox, PD Originals; Flowers - Green Tara, Prima; Kaisercraft Pearls;Pen.


This will be my first fathers' day without mine - at least the Swans won for him last night.

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's weekend again....

Is it me or do the weeks seem to be flying? In 4 weeks I will be in Perth, updating from there. I had better get my sewing finished or Bec will have nothing to compete in.

This week I have been working on my layout for Battle of the Scrappers on 3 Angels.
Heike is setting fortnightly challenges and luckily I have survived the first round.

Next week we start So You Think You Can Scrap I wonder what tricky scrap-eography will be set. This weekend Scraptac is having a cyber crop so if anyone has some spare inspiration please pass it my way!

This weekend is the final league competition before the National Championships but as Bec has a serious foot injury she will only skate in the team event and hopefully with heaps of physio she will be right before we leave for Perth. It has really disrupted her training at the wrong time.

Emily has had her first sleepover with friends - and didn't get home until after lunch the next day - a huge step for her. She came home wearing make-up, multi coloured nails, a big grin - can't ask for much more than that.

I have fractured my foot again - I felt it "go" a couple of weeks ago and now have to have the bone scans again to confirm it. Its the second stress fracture in this foot. The timing is lousy - I have just bought new boots and shoes with heels. I won't be wearing them for a few weeks.

Catch you soon...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is.....

Daffodil Day.

I usually buy my daffodil each year and this year could not resist the bling. The day is a great fundraiser for the Cancer Council and as I have too many friends and family who have been touched by this it is one I always support.

Did you know that you can post a message of hope on the online Field of Hope.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And the bump is....

Who is now 19 and almost 6 ft tall and was the smallest of my three babies. The photo of Siobhan (a family friend) and me was taken at my MIL's at John's 35th birthday.
John's grandson James had his 2nd birthday party on Sunday - I don't think he stopped laughing and running all day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sneak preview.....

I have done something this guess who is hiding in the bump!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where have I been......

Working! My little mid year break is finished and now I am back to a huge pile of BAS's, tax returns and demanding clients. Only 5 phone calls from my boss last Friday - my day off.

Last Thursday was first day of the garage sale at Fiskars in Port Melbourne. Got done there are realised that the cash I had to spend there was back in my office in St Kilda and didn't have time to race back. Picked up a heap of bargains - rubons for 50c, paper packs 50c, brilliant embroidery scissors $2. Look at what I bought for $15!

I would have loved some of the gardening tools - but I will have to get them next sale.

I am trying to get some layouts done but my head still isn't in a really good place right now. It is really time I started to put some priority on my needs and get to meetings and do some daily reading. It is way to easy to put everyone else's needs first. My new plates should be ordered this week and I can get back to skating and my four legged personal trainer is ready and waiting for me.

Christmas Show rehearsals start next week - I haven't decided whether I will skate in it this year - it's our coach's 20th show and he is doing a "best of" show so it could be fun. This will be Bec's last one - she doesn't want to do any more and Em may join in the items she was in a few years back. Bec is training hard for Nationals - I wish some of the others in her team were putting in the same amount of effort.

I am trying to get used to being a passenger in my car again - Bec is driving whenever she can as she needs to get 120 hours on her L's. I must relax....I must relax...I must Actually after a shakey start I organised lessons for her and she is doing really well.

A few friends could do with some extra prayers right now, Connie has just had her first chemo and moved house, Jen is waiting on MRI results, Toni is about to have her last chemo, Lidija is finally NED, Os is having family issues and Fay is unwell. Thinking of you all (((hugs))))

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My baby is 15!

Seems hard to believe that my little girl is now 15. We spent the morning at the hairdressers having a cut and red foils, did a little shopping and then just hung out at home.

Its been a strange couple of weeks - I am supposed to be on holidays but as yet have not had any time to myself apart from time for a quick lunch with Wendy last Monday. I feel like I am going back to work as tired as when I left. I did not need extra furniture brought into the house that has resulted in major rearrangements in other rooms, boxes of videos/dvds with no homes and a mess for the two weeks I have off. Not happy Jan.

I managed to actually scrap a layout - I haven't done one in ages. Felt good to be cutting and pasting again.
My MIL has flown to Belfast - her first trip there in over 25 years - and a big journey for an almost 89 year old. She will have her birthday while she is there and apparently they are organising a big party for her. She is staying with relatives of her first husband (who died when she was about 30) in the house that she grew up in. I packed her case for her and just happened to hide a birthday card and some scratchie tickets in it.
I think I am going back to work for a rest........

Monday, June 30, 2008

We are off to Perth.....

Bec has just finished skating in the State Championships over the weekend. A top 3 placing was required to be invited to skate in the Victorian team at Nationals in Perth during September/October and Bec won Bronze in her figure event. There are seven in her group- which is open age and she is the second youngest - so it was an awesome placing (1st and 2nd placing went to women who have been selected previously). We were very proud of her effort and it was lovely to have other skaters from her club (and their parents) so happy for her.

Her precision team skated in the International grade this year - a 5 minute routine rather than the 3 minute one from last year. They automatically gained selection for Nationals. After sewing 180 buttons I am happy that they looked OK on the new costume s. A friend of one mum is a makeup artist and did the dramatic silver and black faces. Bec drove through the Macca's drive through on the way home(the joys of L plates!)then suddenly wondered why the girls serving were looking at her in a strange way - must have been the heavily made up eyes and the black lips.

I am still exhausted from all the last minuted costume making and finishing Bec's leo. Time now to file, finish time sheets and niggly things at work, clean up my office and HAVE 2 WEEKS OFF!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see if my mising mojo returns.

I am off to celebrate New Year's Eve with a coffee and early night. See you next year.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy weekend...

Yet another weekend spent around skating rinks. Bec coached on Saturday morning so dropped her off, raced to Mentone to source fabric for her competition leotard, back to Dandenong and the Bec drove home - first time through the busy highway traffic. Dropped her home and off to Jodie's to check on costume sewing - State Championships in 2 weeks and 17 costumes to make. A quick coffee then take Bec back to Peninsula for lesson and training.
Sunday was competition day.

Bec competed in 2 events - Figures and Precision. She skated well in Figures and won Gold in the Preliminary grade. Her team won Silver in Precision. They did well considering the routine was only finished on Wednesday.

I took Monday off work as I have been off colour for several days now and cut and partially sewed Bec's new leotards so feeling a bit less stressed about getting them finished.

Back at work today but still exhausted and can't get rid of the headaches. July cannot come soon enough - can't wait for 2 weeks off.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can see the stars....

and the street signs, and the house across the road, and the TV from bed, and the whiteboard at school.

We have had another major confidence boost his week - glasses. Em picked the frames herself but even after we collected them she was unsure about them, wanted to take them home in the little carry bag and wanted to know if she had to wear them all the time because she would be teased again . This lasted until we got to the carpark. They came out of the bag, she put them on - and the look of amazement and joy as she realised she could see the signs on the other side of the road. The whole way home I couldn't stop laughing at her discoveries.
She has had lots of comments about her glasses - all positive!

So guess what - they only come off to sleep or work on the computer!

Mind you, there has been a lot more preening in front of the mirror as we work out which hairstyle looks best with them.

And these self-portraits turned up on my camera.....

Way to go Em!!!