Friday, September 28, 2012

A long time between posts....

Life likes to throw curve balls.  Just when you think that things are flowing as they should events happen that totally change your focus and goals.  
I decided to go back to study and finally attain the piece of paper that tells other people what I have been able to do for many years.  Great goal - but then I fell doing major damage to my shoulder and bicep requiring more metal bits (in addition to the plate and screws that hold my leg together!), a couple of months off work and 8 months of rehab.  And totally not interested in studying anymore.
During the rehab phase I decided that as I was almost back to the weight I was 10 years ago that my shoulder was not the only part of me that was going to be rehabilited. With many reservations I joined the Million Kilo Challenge and I pledged 10 kilos to the cause knowing that I would probably give up like so many other times. This time, little by little, instead of worrying about my "diet" I started to make lifestyle changes and started to exercise.  I refused to go out of the house so used a wii exercise program (EA Sports Active) and our treadmill - the first 5 minutes on that nearly killed me! Gradually I built up a collection of handweights, weight bar, aerobic step and mat a dvd or two and I was on my way.  It works - and the pile of too large clothing kept growing.  The 10kg became a goal of 20kg and is about to be upgraded again.  In the process I discovered my new love...RUNNING.
Who would have thought that I would ever taking up running at my age - my original goal was to be able to run the 8km Mother's Day Classic in 2013.  4 races down I know I can do it.

What a backdrop!

I feel healthy, I feel fitter and I have become the Imelda Marcos of running shoes!  I have now joined a gym to help me achive my goals.

Life is good