Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeen....

I am a slack blogger....

Not heaps happening around here atm, Bec has just started training in her new boots and is finding it a huge adjustment. The physio is really happy with the them - exactly half the weight of her old ones. I made some bags for her to store them in - her skates cost me heaps so I would prefer she didn't just throw them in her dirty case. Don't you love the unicorns, so appropriate for a

Bec went to her friend Kat's 17th birthday last Saturday night - it was a goth night. She did a fabulous job with her make-up. It looked even better irl. She borrowed bits and pieces from Em to wear. Kat's dad looked hysterical dressed up in his corset and fishnets a la Rocky Horror - he definitely didn't have the Charles Atlas seal of approval! Kat was an axe murderer's victim. They all had a great time.
Sunday was an Elementary skating comp and Bec was coaching her first skater. Courtney did well for her first figure comp and in her other events won 2 silvers. I made her leo the day before and it hadn't been tried on so there was a bit sigh of relief when it fitted perfectly. It looked really elegant on the floor - love my hot fix crystals!
Tonight is Halloween fundraiser skate at the club so Em is busily deciding how ghoulish she can look. I have orders to pick up black lipstick. I just need to get John to finish mounting my skates - especially if I want to start lessons again. Shhhh.... don't tell him I am planning on competing again after Christmas...he thinks I am too old.....never!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Just thought I'd show some proofs of the photos of Rebecca taken at Nationals during her figure event. The photographer is Bryan Lloyd-Jones (who is also a top level skater) and although he took only half the photos of Bec as he did of the others in her event every one of them is great. It was lovely to hear the photographer, judges and officials comment on how elegant and relaxed she looked.
Have a look at Xtreme
Don't try this one at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The power of prayer...

As most of Jenni's friends are aware, today she is having her major surgery. Let's send her as many prayers as we can to carry her and family through this difficult time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are home....

Got home at 2am Saturday from our week in Perth so had one 2 hour time zone adjustment - and now another last night for daylight saving.
Bec skated really well and placed 5th out of 11 (places 3-5 were decided on countback). She was very happy as it was her first Australian titles as an individual. Her team event was incredible - they have had sickies, injuries and rarely trained with their full team of 16. The opposing team - also from Melbourne skated really well but when ours started the entire audience were holding their breath. Their speed and technical difficulty set them apart. They skated the best routine they have ever done - the coaches were in tears at the end of it. Now she has 2 Australian Champion medals for precision - last year for Open level and this year for International level and has retired from the team event.

The best bit for Bec was being able to cut the strapping tape off her foot after 5 days. It worried us that she became quite depressed over the first weekend - we weren't staying where her friends were, and even if we were there she couldn't swim or do anything that might damage the tape as it was a public holiday in Perth on the Monday and we could not get a physio to redo the strapping. A trip to AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) fixed that - the touch pool was so therapeutic. Especially when she was playing with the shark and starfish. It was fabulous to watch my young biologist explaining about the creatures to Em (who normally she wouldn't want to be seen with!) and any young children around her - Bec was right in her element. She has been behind the scenes at the Melbourne Aquarium to had some prior experience.

We managed to fit in a trip to the Zoo, day at Fremantle, breakfast at Hilary's Boat Harbour, a game or two at Burswood Casino and plenty of driving along the coast. None of this was too far from the lovely little unit where we stayed in Scarborough. Bec went to Kings Park with her friends and managed to fall of a swing and get a lovely bruise on her face.
We were also able to buy her new skating boots (on sale - only $600!!!) made with carbon fibre which weight a quarter of what her old ones do so that will also help her foot recover. We had planned on throwing the old ones out onto the Marmion Reef to make a house for some fish but didn't have the tools with us!
Emily enjoyed her first flights and wants to do it again.
Better go and get Bec up for work.