Monday, May 11, 2009

A happy Mothers' Day - my little man is now 20!

Yesterday was one of those special ones when Mothers' Day and Sean's birthday are on the same day - he was 4 days old (and I was still in hospital) on my first one. I made my own coffee - as there is no way I am going to wait nearly 4 hours for them to make me one - and pancakes for everyone. Bec didn't have to work so there was no rushing around which was really lovely. I received a new pair of slippers and vouchers to buy some more Pandora beads for my bracelet from the kids and Sarah bought me some chocolates and beautiful flowers. John and I went out for coffee - and he bought me a lovely new red coffee machine. Sean thinks that we really bought it for him! We went out for dinner with my mother and brother and came home for birthday cupcakes. I was told that if I took the cakes with me - he wouldn't eat with't embarrassing your kids part of the job description. Luckily about 10 minutes before we left for dinner I remember that I hadn't made my mother's day card so quickly put one together - and forgot to take a photo.

Looking at my gorgeous children (and I count Sarah as one of them) last night, I feel privileged to be their mother.

Friday, May 1, 2009

April in review...

I think the last month has gone by in a blur... and it is time to find the winter woollies.

We have spent a large amount of time trying to sort out MIL's house - and it still doesn't look like we have done anything. We filled a 6m rubbish bin and think we will easily need another one. There is a huge supply of wool, jewel cottton, embroidery thread, lace to find a home for - and boxes of doilies Little Granny made (John's grandmother died at 107!) seems such a waste to throw it away. Hopefully it will be on the market after this weekend.

Bec still splits her life between school, training, working and coaching so enjoyed a bit of a break through the holidays. Sean doesn't seem to do anything much (unless Sarah is And Em is in a really happy place most of the time now - and loves her newly cut black hair. We did a trip to the Werribee Zoo - nice day out but was a bit disappointed with the lack of animals - seemed even less than when we were there three years ago.

I am still exhausted and by the time I get home from work don't have the energy to do anything much . Not much scrapping happening - only managed one layout for a recipe challenge

Sarah's mum has now started chemo again - after battling breast cancer last year, mets have been found in her hip - causing it to fracture. Still playing tricks on the kids though - she likes to drop a crutch down the stairs so they all start running. Too many friends are battling cancer, either by living with it or caring for someone who is. Your strength is inspiring.

May is birthday month....