Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our new little angel...

Meet Lachlan Robert Maxwell Hawting born last Friday at Newcastle Private. 3.27k and 51cm long. The guy with the big grin is my baby brother Peter who has waited a long time to have his own little footy mate. No doubt the Essendon jumper has already been bought. Stephanie is doing well. Can't wait until they get home for a cuddle.
The last week has been a write off - bacterial gastroenteritis or food poisoning. Pro-biotic drinks are supposed to fill your stomach with good bacteria - this one did exactly the opposite. For 4 days I had 40C temperatures, a permanent booking on the loo, total dehydration and lost 4 kg. I haven't been at work for over a week and been too sick to enjoy the time off. I am pleased to report that I have missed absolutely nothing on Days of our Lives since I last watched it 15 years ago. Just can't figure out why they keep looking younger!
I have made a new recipe file - I used a Martha Stewart flip photo album and the recipes will slide in the plastic pockets to keep them clean. Maybe oneday I might even cook....

By the way did I tell you - I'm an AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


There came a day in February
That had us all in shock
A time when the south east of Australia
Was hit by a fiery rock

The country just exploded
Into a huge fireball
And in its path spared nothing
Intent on taking it all

The CFA and others
Were there to fight the fight
And we at home were watching
The devastation and the fright

One cannot imagine
What folks are going through
As they wait for news on loved ones
And the others that they knew

They are always believing
That they will soon be seen
Some are already grieving
Where the hell could they have been?

Sometimes the word is positive
Often it’s not so good
Some have lost a place to live
Where every family should

We pray to God for strength and hope
As they face what lies ahead
How the hell are they going to cope?
So much fear - so much dread.

Australians we know how to fight
As we observe the strife
So dig in deep with all our might
To give them back their life

Monday – 9 February 2009

It has been an horrific week in Victoria with fire raging all over the state. John's ex-wife and her husband - a member of the local CFA - are in Murrundindi and have been isolated on their property by the fires - it is worrying for his children. At this time they are safe. Luckily Emily doesn't have to go to her school in Yea for another couple of weeks - this of course may now change depending on the fire activity.
The poem is written by my friend Jo in Queensland, thank you for allowing me to post it here.
The photograph credit is
To all the firefighters, and others putting their lives on the line for us. Thank you.