Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

John and I have never really fussed about the day. I made him a card (so he can share the chocolate) - and he gave me a tattslotto ticket which I must check today.
I was up at 6 to take Em to RSPCA for work placement. She is nearly half way through the course but this week will be stressful as there are several things for presentation on Saturday as she has difficulty talking in front of others. Today the kennel girls thought she was a hero for stepping in to assist when two dogs were attaching another and they were having problems separating them. Her supervisor was amazed and so pleased with her quick(and safe) reactions when she saw someone in trouble, The smile when I picked her up at the end of the day would have lit the MCG.
Bec is away on her "Independence Holiday" with Beth. The girls decided to avoid schoolies and go to the Gold Coast when everyone else has gone back to school. The week was fully organised, booked (and paid for) by the girls - including all their attraction tickets - so all they needed to take was spending money. They have been cooking their own dinners and have survived. Pity that Bec was unwell once she got there but a phone call to mum solved that! Now she has gigantic mozzie bites. Look forward to seeing the photos.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A stitch in time....

I have been searching for a bag of dress patterns - some of which I bought in the early 70's, there are a few girls dresses with matching cabbage patch doll clothes that I bought when Kate was about 5, and smocked baby dresses. I emptied out the big cane basket and found a skirt pattern that had been lengthened with pieces from the Green Guide (Nov 17, 1975 - announcing the first episode of a new current affairs show - 60 Minutes), many other odd patterns, recipes and knitting patterns cut from magazines and a number of unfinished embroidery projects.
I knitted and sold many of these cat jumpers - each cat I made had a different colour colour, mine naturally was a diamante one.
A collection of recipes and knitting patterns from magazines circa 1983

A DIY cabbage patch doll pattern - I made one for Kate but from a different pattern with a pre-made head from Cleggs

The patchwork quilt - started in 1978 after I broke up with Mark - wonder what ever happened to him? The colours are quite disgusting and I have no idea why I picked them at the time and I have no idea what I am going to do with it.
The Willow Pattern cloth is a long way from finished - this was started in about 1985. My mother in law worked for Semco and had rooms full of linen, threads and lace and I picked out many pieces along the way which I used to do on the train trip to and from work.

The basket was like a time capsule. I loved fine embroidery and have done many pieces over the years - even finishing a tablecloth my mother started before she got married in 1954. My hands can no longer hold a needle for any length of time so I can't see these being finished.

I didn't find that pattern bag.