Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day....

Wow it's nearly the end of January already. A special Happy Birthday to Sean T who's 19 today and to Jen - may all your wishes come true when you blow out those candles.

I am having problems with my scrapping assistant - no matter what barriers we put between my computer desk (where Nat and Molly usually hang out with Em) and my work table Nat is getting over it and has to be on top of my work. Kindy Glitz and little feet are not a good combination. We have now supplied, at great expense to the management, a home away from home so maybe Nat will sleep instead of "helping".

I have done 2 challenge layouts this week
This is one of the January Challenges for Chook Scraps (Challenge 2 - sketch)
This one is for Scrapping Around - we were able to use flowers this week - but no patterned paperI am really pleased that so far this year I have done at least one layout a week. Now I am off to Survivor Island to work on my next layout.
My baby brother has just turned 40 - very scarey for me - especially when you know our age difference. But what do you buy someone who doesn't need anything (and definitely wouldn't appreciate something hand made!) Better head to Bunnings.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

With a little help from a friend....

Today I did a layout for a challenge on . We were given the title - Back to Basics - and had to use black cardstock, purple and jade/green paper, ribbon, stickers, eyelets, rhinestones and pearls. We could not use chipboard - fine, I could handle that. The other no no was FLOWERS!!!! NO FLOWERS AT ALL - now that is a major problem.
This left me only one option - call in help!

Select the paper:

Cut some cardstock:
The eyelet is in here somewhere:
Nat's job is done:
The finished layout:In the process I had to rescue my sanding disk, ink, eraser and ribbon from Nat rat - apparently they are quite tasty!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another layout finished...

I have just finished another layout from our old family slides. The photo was taken at my grandparent's house in Seaford in 1962. I would have been four, Brett three and Michael a few months old. There is a hidden journalling tag under the picture.

Product used: Bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey Oh Baby paper, Green tara flowers, misc flowers, brands, ribbon, Delish Bistro rub ons, Kaisercraft gems, Carolee Creation letters, MM rub in letters, misc photo corner, Autumn leaves stamp. The butterflies are stamped on acetate.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My holidays are over :( ...

I can't believe I am back to work tomorrow. It was very strange to be at home for the holidays. The only good thing was that I was home for the big sale at Paperdoll and actually got to go to coffee morning on Thursday. It was a special week with both Merle and Vesna's birthdays. Glad your dog is improving Merle. Vesna's car was sitting inconspicuously in the car park - very difficult when it is bright pink! I rarely get there on a Thursday so it was great to catch up with everyone. I even got most of a layout put together - might even finish it tonight and post it. Then it was off to the vet with Molly - the rat - who sounded wheezy and rattly. $58 later she has had a shot of antibiotics and Em has to give her antibiotic liquid twice a day for a couple of weeks.

Early Friday morning John and I drove up to Mulwala - not as good as our usual 2 weeks up there but better than not getting up there at all this year. Our favourite band - The Kamis ( -was playing at the water ski club so we left the kids at home for a couple of days and booked into an executive suite at Club Muwala (the services club). We have been members there for about 20 years. The show band is made up of 6 siblings - 2 sister and 4 brothers from Tonga and they have the room jumping. The ski club was packed.
The view from our spa room wasn't too bad:
During the afternoon there was a massive dust storm which covered the lake - we found out later that there had been a tornado at Nagambie and the dust and gale force winds we had were caused by it.
The sunrise is always spectacular.
Now I am over the other side of the bridge at the pool - can you see my room and the people skiing??
Whoops close up time - second room from the left upstairs!We always hate leaving the lake - we have been going there for so many years now. With the short time we were there this year (and various injuries) the golf clubs were left at home. Maybe next year.

The kids coped on their own fairly well - Em rang at 11.20pm on Friday to say hello, at 6pm Saturday to find out what I was doing for tea and at 12.30am this morning because there was a spider in her room (a big ferocious daddy long legs!) She has done a good job of playing nurse to Molly, who seems to be much better. Bec worked 2 of the days and Sean came home to sleep! I've come home to clean up.
Back to the grind tomorrow.
K x

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas is for little kids....

I forgot to post some pictures of the Sunday before Christmas where we celebrated with John's family at his mother's house. John's grandson is now 16 months old and knows exactly what happens when the pretty paper comes off! His favourite present of the day was a slide from my sister in law.
He was trying to climb up the slide before Sean and Joel, my nephew, had put it together.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to the New Year....


I hope this year brings peace and joy to you all.

My resolution for this year is to find my lost creativity - and sometimes not think - just do it.

To start the year - I have already done my first layout. My goal is to work through my own childhood photos - many I haven't seen as they are on slides.

This is my mother at about 16

And I finally finished the layout I started before Christmas

I am not over flowers

Hope to catch everyone soon - still got 11 days left of my holidays YAY

Karen x