Monday, June 30, 2008

We are off to Perth.....

Bec has just finished skating in the State Championships over the weekend. A top 3 placing was required to be invited to skate in the Victorian team at Nationals in Perth during September/October and Bec won Bronze in her figure event. There are seven in her group- which is open age and she is the second youngest - so it was an awesome placing (1st and 2nd placing went to women who have been selected previously). We were very proud of her effort and it was lovely to have other skaters from her club (and their parents) so happy for her.

Her precision team skated in the International grade this year - a 5 minute routine rather than the 3 minute one from last year. They automatically gained selection for Nationals. After sewing 180 buttons I am happy that they looked OK on the new costume s. A friend of one mum is a makeup artist and did the dramatic silver and black faces. Bec drove through the Macca's drive through on the way home(the joys of L plates!)then suddenly wondered why the girls serving were looking at her in a strange way - must have been the heavily made up eyes and the black lips.

I am still exhausted from all the last minuted costume making and finishing Bec's leo. Time now to file, finish time sheets and niggly things at work, clean up my office and HAVE 2 WEEKS OFF!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see if my mising mojo returns.

I am off to celebrate New Year's Eve with a coffee and early night. See you next year.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy weekend...

Yet another weekend spent around skating rinks. Bec coached on Saturday morning so dropped her off, raced to Mentone to source fabric for her competition leotard, back to Dandenong and the Bec drove home - first time through the busy highway traffic. Dropped her home and off to Jodie's to check on costume sewing - State Championships in 2 weeks and 17 costumes to make. A quick coffee then take Bec back to Peninsula for lesson and training.
Sunday was competition day.

Bec competed in 2 events - Figures and Precision. She skated well in Figures and won Gold in the Preliminary grade. Her team won Silver in Precision. They did well considering the routine was only finished on Wednesday.

I took Monday off work as I have been off colour for several days now and cut and partially sewed Bec's new leotards so feeling a bit less stressed about getting them finished.

Back at work today but still exhausted and can't get rid of the headaches. July cannot come soon enough - can't wait for 2 weeks off.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can see the stars....

and the street signs, and the house across the road, and the TV from bed, and the whiteboard at school.

We have had another major confidence boost his week - glasses. Em picked the frames herself but even after we collected them she was unsure about them, wanted to take them home in the little carry bag and wanted to know if she had to wear them all the time because she would be teased again . This lasted until we got to the carpark. They came out of the bag, she put them on - and the look of amazement and joy as she realised she could see the signs on the other side of the road. The whole way home I couldn't stop laughing at her discoveries.
She has had lots of comments about her glasses - all positive!

So guess what - they only come off to sleep or work on the computer!

Mind you, there has been a lot more preening in front of the mirror as we work out which hairstyle looks best with them.

And these self-portraits turned up on my camera.....

Way to go Em!!!