Friday, March 28, 2008

One of those days.....

Every have one of those days when you haven't seen anyone for ages then......

Drop into Wendy's to pick up kits and see Merle (and kids and Bowie!!) then....

Find an elusive table in the food court at Frankston and who is on the table next to me but
Leeanne and Madeleine then......

Drop into Lincraft and see Sarah at work then.....

Go next door to Gloria Jeans and say hi to Cindy and Vesna (and kids)!!!

Poor John got left to fend for

And my Ski layout has won the challenge and I can look forward to a present in the mail

It's been a good day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter is over for another year.....

The break seems to have gone quickly - with John and kids working during the weekend it doesn't seem much different to a normal week except that it is now school holidays.

It's John's 50-something birthday today so we ducked out for a quiet coffee after we dropped Bec to work. Haven't decided what to get him yet so just put some scratchies in his card.

Last night did a surprise challenge layout on Chookscraps - it was a sketch and we had less than a day to upload.

My last Survivor layout won the Castaway prize for the week - this fortnight we are getting distressed. Double page, at least 3 photos and 5 forms of distressing. Sounds fun.

Can't to pick up my new Dolly kit. The colours look fabulous this month.

Back to work tomorrow - it will be frantic for the next couple of months but then I am planning to escape with friends!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some new layouts....

I have finished this week's Survivor layout - I am on Castaway now but we still do the same challenges and get points for them. We had to use black and white - including photo and one colour. I finally scrapped the photo of Carol and I at Deveroli's in Acland Street - the lovely girls on the next table took it for us. We have known each other for years - but this was the first time we had met.
TLC Salt & Pepper papers, Bazzill and CM cardstock, HS chipboard heart and red flower, Green tara flowers, SEI button, pens

This was a challenge from the previous weekend - brown, mustard, green cardstock and autumn colour flowers.
Cardstock - TLC and scrap Bazzill, brads, misc flowers and pen

This is a combination of 2 challenges - Wendy's sketch layout and Scrapping Around's Leaf printing challenge. I had cut the photos for the sketch challenge and never got around to using them. The printing on the green card is done with a skeleton leaf and white and gold ink. And yes, it is a sushi mat. Love the simplicity of it.

Otherwise a quiet weekend. It was nice to get the rare opportunity to sleep in.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yea Day...

I am waiting for Emi to crash - she has been on such a high since getting home from her day at school. The 2.5-3 hour bus trip each way was very tiring but its her first time at Yea and she loved it. They only do the trip there twice a term so they can use science labs, kitchens, sports gear etc. The rest of the time her school group meet at local footy club rooms(which are really lovely - airco and views over the bay).
The best bit was when she rang me at lunch time then told me that she couldn't talk, her friends were waiting! This is such a different girl. She is starting to get some confidence in her abilities and has now decided she likes wearing red. Em has been writing (and now her story so far has 5 chapters) and she has been doing her homework happily. She believes she can achieve.
And all because, when she was bullied out of school early last year and couldn't even walk into the room where she goes to school now, one special lady would not give up on her. Kevin and Miriam, two of the AYCE teachers that worked with Em last year, sometimes cannot believe what Annette has achieved for the kids (and how she gets it funded!) but it works.
We know it is working for one girl who just wants to go to school.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Survivor 3 layout.....

ETA: I am now officially a resident of Castaway Island - the final 10 are left on Survivor. This week's challenge B&W photo, B&W and only one other colour on layout - must have been a week ahead of myself!

This one was a sketch layout. As I am concentrating on old photos this year I have used one from my mother's wedding.
Trivia time - as was often the habit then the dress was cut to evening dress length and dyed so it could be worn again. It was worn once and she regretted doing it and never wore it again. I made my dress to match the colour of the veil (it was a magnolia satin not white) and my mother made my garter out of the remains of her dress.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is it time for a rest yet.....

Being a bit naughty here and ducking in from work as I don't think I have have had 5 minutes to myself at home for the last week - so photos will have to wait.

Due to problems with the lady who was to meant to be making the costumes for our littlies teams - and incorect measurements done by someone who should have know better - a week before their first competition for the year there were no costumes! Time for a sewing bee - and naturally the ones who did all the work were not the parents of those children it was a few of us from the senior team who dropped everything (including making my own daughter costume) to get these done. I finished remaking the last 2 on Saturday and made Bec's but didn't have time to finish and fit it as I would have liked. Luckily she wasn't too fussed. The whinging from some of the parents though was totally unacceptable and wouldn't make me want to do anything for them again in a hurry. I did get given a lovely box of roses by the committee which was a nice gesture

Bec didn't feel that she had skated particularly well, and because I can never be fussed with writing down all the scores as we go we thought she may have placed 3rd. Imagine our surprise when she was announced as the winner - her coach was very happy. This is her first individual win in a Championship grade. All looks good for making Nationals this year.

Em is loving school still and even wants to do homework. Next week she has a "Yea Day" and gets to spend the day at Yea Secondary College - her first time in a "normal" school for 12 months.

Tonight I have to do my Survivor layout as it needs to uploaded by tomorrow night. Nothing like a last minute job to spur