Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yea Day...

I am waiting for Emi to crash - she has been on such a high since getting home from her day at school. The 2.5-3 hour bus trip each way was very tiring but its her first time at Yea and she loved it. They only do the trip there twice a term so they can use science labs, kitchens, sports gear etc. The rest of the time her school group meet at local footy club rooms(which are really lovely - airco and views over the bay).
The best bit was when she rang me at lunch time then told me that she couldn't talk, her friends were waiting! This is such a different girl. She is starting to get some confidence in her abilities and has now decided she likes wearing red. Em has been writing (and now her story so far has 5 chapters) and she has been doing her homework happily. She believes she can achieve.
And all because, when she was bullied out of school early last year and couldn't even walk into the room where she goes to school now, one special lady would not give up on her. Kevin and Miriam, two of the AYCE teachers that worked with Em last year, sometimes cannot believe what Annette has achieved for the kids (and how she gets it funded!) but it works.
We know it is working for one girl who just wants to go to school.


Jac said...

WooHoo - Karen that is such good news.

So glad you loved Yea Emily - it's probably bigger than when I last saw it but it was a great place to visit back then.

Friends are special we all need friends - Emily enjoying life makes everything seem so much better. You keep writing and studying and having fun.

Well done to the special people who are helping Karen - I am starting to see what you must have gone through with everything for Emily and those special people make it bearable.

Catch ya soon.

Amy Bland said...

Thats so nice that Em is happy. It must be a HUGE relief as a parent to see her settling in so well.
Amy x