Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is it time for a rest yet.....

Being a bit naughty here and ducking in from work as I don't think I have have had 5 minutes to myself at home for the last week - so photos will have to wait.

Due to problems with the lady who was to meant to be making the costumes for our littlies teams - and incorect measurements done by someone who should have know better - a week before their first competition for the year there were no costumes! Time for a sewing bee - and naturally the ones who did all the work were not the parents of those children it was a few of us from the senior team who dropped everything (including making my own daughter costume) to get these done. I finished remaking the last 2 on Saturday and made Bec's but didn't have time to finish and fit it as I would have liked. Luckily she wasn't too fussed. The whinging from some of the parents though was totally unacceptable and wouldn't make me want to do anything for them again in a hurry. I did get given a lovely box of roses by the committee which was a nice gesture

Bec didn't feel that she had skated particularly well, and because I can never be fussed with writing down all the scores as we go we thought she may have placed 3rd. Imagine our surprise when she was announced as the winner - her coach was very happy. This is her first individual win in a Championship grade. All looks good for making Nationals this year.

Em is loving school still and even wants to do homework. Next week she has a "Yea Day" and gets to spend the day at Yea Secondary College - her first time in a "normal" school for 12 months.

Tonight I have to do my Survivor layout as it needs to uploaded by tomorrow night. Nothing like a last minute job to spur


Leeanne O'C said...

Well done to Bec thats fantastic news. You must have all been so excited to her name called in 1st place.

Glad Em is still enjoying school and everything is going well.

The sewing sounds like you went to a lot of trouble. I'm sure even if some of the parents didn't seem to appreciate what you were all doing the littlies would have. I bet they looked gorgeous.


Leeanne x

Jac said...

Great News on Bec's win and Em still loving school - Yea Secondary College should be a fun day - spent lots of school sports visits there and my cousins went to school there too. Enjoy the Day Em.

Karen - Well done on the costumes and I think next time let the littlies parents pay for the costumes to be re-done if they're going to be that rude and put Bec's costume first - but nice to get the flowers.

Catch you online

Karen said...

congulations Bec...that is a wonderful result.

Well done on the costumes, sometimes helping out can be such a thankless job...