Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend round up.....

Over the last couple of days I have completed 30 - 6x6 layouts for the Southern Cross Kids Camp.

Julie Stone is calling on kind-hearted scrappers to create the simplest, most basic 6" x 6" (Photo size is 5" x 3.5") background LO's for the kids at SCKC. In total they need about 1600 layouts for the kids' books, so every one that you can donate will be a huge help ! Not only is this for a great cause, but it will help you use up your scraps and not-so-new supplies (which means you can then go and buy some lovely new stuff !) get scrapping!!
I have been speaking to Julie today and she is amazed at everyone enthusiam. I have also been speaking to friends in NZ and they are busily making pages too. If you look at Julies blog, Cindy's pages are shown.

To read more, visit Julie's blog HERE or contact her via email.
I also found out that I am still on Survivor Island - there are only 20 left from the orginal 47. We have a sketch challenge this time.
I have had some great news this week about Rebecca - my 16yo. She is in Year 11 this year doing a nice light course of English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths Methods and Year 12 Further maths. This is on top of her skating training 5 days a week (she will be skating in her team and as an individual at Nationals in Perth this year), and having a weekend job.
Bec has been nominated for a Women in Leadership course - to be held in Sydney for a week in April. We thought that was a big thing until she came home later in the week with a place in Monash Universities High Achiever program and an application to undertake a 6 month research project with the CSIRO, working with their scientists/researchers. She is not brilliant by any means - but is a hard worker. She is learning all about filling in forms!

I had better get back to my sewing - we have Bec's first comp for the year next weekend and she needs new costumes. Can't wait to start playing with the Bejeweller - hot fix crystals sound far more fun than sewing sequins.


Cindy said...

GREAT layouts !! I am thrilled to be seeing so many people taking part in this wonderful way to cheer up the kids :)

Oooh...a Bejeweller...that sounds fun ! I bought 8600-odd hotfix crystals just to scrap with ROFL

Jac said...

Great Layouts Karen and Way to Go Bec - you sound like a hard working achiever - it's not all about the brains it's about what you do with what you're given - Good Luck in the Comps too.

oooo Karen the Bejeweller sounds like a great tool - expect to see some layouts grin. Wish they'd had a great invention for sequins when I was 13 and doing all my own costumes - I learnt to be very good at what I came to dislike - sewing individual sequins. rofl.

Vesna said...

Hi Karen,

Great lo's. I have also done a few to post off as well.

Good luck with the comp, your doing great.

Hard work pays off, great going Bec.


connie said...

Well done Karen!!.. love all the layouts!!

take care


ps.. sorry i dont do tags... LOL.. only cause i soooo LAZY!!!....

wendy treseder said...

You're a machine! lol. Those layouts look fantastic.

Congratulations to Bec!!! What a clever girl. She does work hard and so she really deserves it.

Good luck with the costume - I still haven't started Chelseas (she needs two) and her first comp is on the 15th!