Saturday, February 2, 2008


Looks like this year is off and running as fast as the last one - and left me behind somewhere in the rush. Ever get the feeling that even though you never stop - you never seem to get on top of things. I look at my friends who are extremely unwell, and the death of my father and think that I don't want that sort of reality check to make me reassess my priorities. It is time to take care of myself and look at what is best for me and my family.

. I need to work so I am lucky to have a (usually) caring boss which is so important when there area only two of us in the office.
. I need to be there for my family - and specially for my youngest who is now home schooled in conjuction with her AYCE (Access Yea Community Education).
. I need to take better care of my body. It's time to put my skates back on and use the services of my four legged personal trainer - I hadn't realised how much I have missed exercise - and get rid of some body clutter. And make those doctors appointments I have been putting off.
. I need to create. I am happiest when I am making things - I have been since I was little. I am not going to allow myself to become too busy to play. So far this year I have done at least one layout each week - not as many as I would like - but enough for now. I even dragged out my beads last night and made an ameythst and gold necklace - first time in ages.
. I need to nuture my spirituality. In my rush I am neglecting to take care of that important part of me.
. I need to resign from my voluntary work with a charitable/community service organisation. As much as I owe my life and sanity (literally) to the members of this fellowship my role as state treasurer is getting harder for me to fulfill. There is a city office to run, payroll, gst obligations and now it is really feeling like another part time job to me. We do three year terms and I have done two years of someone else's term when they dropped out and nearly 18 months of mine. I am burnt out.

Funny - I am not into making new year resolutions...


Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear Karen, thanks so much for you support through comments on my blog, it means a lot. I am so glad that you are thinking NOW about taking care of yourself and nurturing yourself BEFORE you get sick. Such a wonderful attitude and honestly life is so fantastic when you are well, I really miss that so much. Not that I am as ill yet as I will be when I start treatment but sometimes I get saddest when it's a beautiful day and I just remember things I'd be doing that I no longer have the energy for or I am in too much pain to do them. This is not to feel sorry for me or anything just to encourage you to really do those things that are important to you as when you have your health you really do have everything. The rest is just icing...Take good care and thanks again, Jen xx

Leeanne O'C said...

Sounds more like a mission statement that new years resolutions. (hehe)

Some of (nearly all) of those statements for yourself I too should take on board. Time to reclaim yourself and celebrate YOU.


leeanne x

wendy treseder said...

Very inspiring Karen, good on you and thanks for sharing. PS. It's not a crime to give up the volunteer work. Your family needs you. Sounds like you have really worked out your priorities well.
Take care