Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can see the stars....

and the street signs, and the house across the road, and the TV from bed, and the whiteboard at school.

We have had another major confidence boost his week - glasses. Em picked the frames herself but even after we collected them she was unsure about them, wanted to take them home in the little carry bag and wanted to know if she had to wear them all the time because she would be teased again . This lasted until we got to the carpark. They came out of the bag, she put them on - and the look of amazement and joy as she realised she could see the signs on the other side of the road. The whole way home I couldn't stop laughing at her discoveries.
She has had lots of comments about her glasses - all positive!

So guess what - they only come off to sleep or work on the computer!

Mind you, there has been a lot more preening in front of the mirror as we work out which hairstyle looks best with them.

And these self-portraits turned up on my camera.....

Way to go Em!!!


Leeanne O'C said...

Looking good Em, cute frames.


leeanne x

Moni said...

Oh my I love those frames Em. I need new glasses and hmm might have to give those frames ago myself if you don't mind.

Vesna said...

Those frames look fabbo on Em.


wendy treseder said...

The glasses look cool!
So funny that Em can finally see things. It's a whole new world!
Great to see her feeling good about herself too.