Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Old enough to have done it once....

and young enough to do it again!!!

It's been a big birthday week - I am now 49 and 374 days! It sounds very strange saying 50 - that's the age my mother was when John and I got married.

On the day (Tues 20th) I got a book (Fifty is not a four letter work) from Em and a Pandora bracelet and some charms from John, Sean and Bec. John and I went out for dinner and the kids had a mud cake for me.

On Thursday my boss gave me a cake from Le Bon in Acland Street and gave me a generous cheque which I promptly spent picking up my Pandora beads off layby.

Friday was getting Em's eyes tested and finding out that she is very shortsighted and picking out her glasses. Then it was off to lunch with Wendy - and Vesna was there too. A lovely surprise! And I was given a beautiful begonia and some proteas and lovely handmade cards. I could get used to this!!!

Saturday was the usual run between skating rinks and a Stampin' Up party at Connie's.

Sunday was spent worrying about a sick rat and then another birthday celebration - this time with my family. 12 of us went to the Langwarrin Hotel for a lovely meal. Peter's partner Stephanie and her son Oscar were with us, they have just moved here from Newcastle. The playroom was just the thing to keep a 4 year old happy! More lovely cards and presents. I have been very spoiled.

Molly seems to have brightened up again - she has tumours which is typical in rats of her age, and repiratory problems. The only treatment for them is tamoxifen which would mean we couldn't handle her.

Molly loves to sit on the back of Em's neck while she in on the computer but couldn't resist climbing through the towel to find a more comfortable resting spot!

This week is back to normal - flat out with tax returns. The end of the year cannot come too soon for me.


Moni said...

I know its a lot late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
50 isn't that old you know.
Love the bracelet and wow you sure did get spoilt but you deserved it and just think wouldn't you love a birthday week every year? I know I wouldn't mind at all LOL.

Karen said...

Lovely presents Karen, you were indeed very spoilt as you deserve to have been.

Cute picture of Em and Molly

Cindy said...

Happy birthday darlin !! ***hug***