Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where have I been......

Working! My little mid year break is finished and now I am back to a huge pile of BAS's, tax returns and demanding clients. Only 5 phone calls from my boss last Friday - my day off.

Last Thursday was first day of the garage sale at Fiskars in Port Melbourne. Got done there are realised that the cash I had to spend there was back in my office in St Kilda and didn't have time to race back. Picked up a heap of bargains - rubons for 50c, paper packs 50c, brilliant embroidery scissors $2. Look at what I bought for $15!

I would have loved some of the gardening tools - but I will have to get them next sale.

I am trying to get some layouts done but my head still isn't in a really good place right now. It is really time I started to put some priority on my needs and get to meetings and do some daily reading. It is way to easy to put everyone else's needs first. My new plates should be ordered this week and I can get back to skating and my four legged personal trainer is ready and waiting for me.

Christmas Show rehearsals start next week - I haven't decided whether I will skate in it this year - it's our coach's 20th show and he is doing a "best of" show so it could be fun. This will be Bec's last one - she doesn't want to do any more and Em may join in the items she was in a few years back. Bec is training hard for Nationals - I wish some of the others in her team were putting in the same amount of effort.

I am trying to get used to being a passenger in my car again - Bec is driving whenever she can as she needs to get 120 hours on her L's. I must relax....I must relax...I must relax......lol. Actually after a shakey start I organised lessons for her and she is doing really well.

A few friends could do with some extra prayers right now, Connie has just had her first chemo and moved house, Jen is waiting on MRI results, Toni is about to have her last chemo, Lidija is finally NED, Os is having family issues and Fay is unwell. Thinking of you all (((hugs))))


Cindy said...

I arrived at 11am and after choosing my goodies, stood in line for an hour and a half... We probably walked right past eachother LOL

wendy treseder said...

oooh, I'm so jealous of all your fiskars bargains. Wish I could have made it there (not that I actually NEED any more stuff - especially since I rarely use any of it lately).
Good luck with your new priority programme. Be strong and try and stick to doing it, you really need to look after yourself, before you can look after everyone else.
Lots of prayers for everyone.
PS. Em is looking gorgeous - happy birthday to her for the other day.

Vesna said...

Loving all your new Fiskars stuff.
Now you need to show us what you create with it all.