Thursday, July 17, 2008

My baby is 15!

Seems hard to believe that my little girl is now 15. We spent the morning at the hairdressers having a cut and red foils, did a little shopping and then just hung out at home.

Its been a strange couple of weeks - I am supposed to be on holidays but as yet have not had any time to myself apart from time for a quick lunch with Wendy last Monday. I feel like I am going back to work as tired as when I left. I did not need extra furniture brought into the house that has resulted in major rearrangements in other rooms, boxes of videos/dvds with no homes and a mess for the two weeks I have off. Not happy Jan.

I managed to actually scrap a layout - I haven't done one in ages. Felt good to be cutting and pasting again.
My MIL has flown to Belfast - her first trip there in over 25 years - and a big journey for an almost 89 year old. She will have her birthday while she is there and apparently they are organising a big party for her. She is staying with relatives of her first husband (who died when she was about 30) in the house that she grew up in. I packed her case for her and just happened to hide a birthday card and some scratchie tickets in it.
I think I am going back to work for a rest........


Leeanne O'C said...

Love the cards Karen and your layout is gorgeous. Happy birthday to Em.


Leeanne x

Karen said...

Happy belated birthday to Em.

Hope your MIL has a great birthday and a wonderful holiday..

Willisa Hogarth said...

Happy Birthday Em!!!

YAY on the Layout front!