Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bye Molly....

It has been a sad week in our home - one of our rats lost her battle with cancer. Em is so devoted to her little friends and they love her just as much. Molly was her "special" one and was usually found tucked under her pony tail or in the hood of her jacket. We knew her time was close on Cup Day so between Em and I we held her for several hours until she passed. Although Em was extremely upset I was very proud of the way in which she acted that day. I would love to see her working with animals.

Em took this of the girls playing with Bec - Nat (the black and white one) is such a little fatty, she must have been eating Molly's share of their food. Looks like ratty diet coming on.

Big brother's sympathetic comment - "when can we get a cat?"


Leeanne O'C said...

Oh!! thats so sad karen. It's so sad when we lose a pet, they become so much part of the family.


wendy treseder said...

Sorry to see your sad news, I know how those rats are like part of the family for you. It's the worst part about having pets.

The girls dress up photos are fantastic, they really did a great job with their make-up.

You did a great job on the dreaded leo too. Well done you.

Vesna said...

That is so sad Karen, I know how much family pets are loved.