Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am afraid that word and I are not very compatible! I am flying out to Perth for a week tomorrow and feel like nothing is ready. In reality flights and accomodation are booked, costumes are made and in their bags, I just need to pack(or re repack) clothes and organise how many cases we are taking. Bec has to take 2 pairs of skates (13kg!) so they will be in one, so we can only take 3 others plus carry on. And fit them into the small car John has hired to go out to the airport. Fun. Can't wait to get there - our unit overlooks Scarborough Beach. Bec finishes competing on Tuesday night so we have a few days to explore and catch up with friends.

I withdrew from Battle of the Scrappers and So You Think You Can Scrap this week - I was putting myself under too much pressure with so much else to organise that I wasn't enjoying them.

Final results can back from CT scans and there are some major concerns - not as simple as first thought. This time its gastrolenterologist and colonoscopy - what a fun thing to come home to. Looks like a change of lifestyle might be in order.

Better get back to work......


Cindy said...

Oh gosh Karen, I hope you're okay... *hug*

Vesna said...

Sorry to hear that more tests need to be done Karen. Hope you get better real soon.

Good luck to Bec over in Perth.


Vesna said...

Hope all is well over in Perth.


Karen said...

Good luck for Bec and the team in Perth...looking forward to hearing how they go.

Take care of yourself and I hope all goes well for the tests.