Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Tree is up and this year I have decided after years of putting everything on the tree that I want a more "elegant" look. Maybe its just because the kids are older and don't want to do the "decorating" any more. I have been watching the influx of little birdies (Ngaire Bartlam's project from Crop for a Cure at PaperDoll and decided that they would be perfect. I loved Amy's cuttlebugged wings and just happened to have some gold sheets left over from my Christmas cards. They are such fun to make.
The outside lights were switched on last night - I think after being left up for 5 years that some new ones are needed, they are a bit faded and some of the wires have come apart. Might take the kids out on a light hunt tonight.


Amy Bland said...

Very inspired Christmas decorations Karen! I'm sure yours came together much quicker than mine. lol.
Aim x

Leeanne O'C said...

Great minds think alike Karen. Love the title of this post.
Your little birdie looks very cute too.


Leeanne x

wendy treseder said...

Love your little birdy!!
As I'm reading everyone's blogs, I'm starting to get more and more panicked about Christmas. Help! I'm not ready! lol
PS. Love your quotes, where are you getting them from?

Vesna said...

Hi Karen,

Love your birdie. Your doing better than me, I haven't even put up our christmas tree yet.