Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Look what my girls have made....

This year I have been lucky - my girls have been cooking at school. Look what they have made for me!

Rebecca decided that "Spot's First Christmas" was her favourite story when she was little so instead of Santas and snowmen she put him on her cake. Emily came home with this on Monday. I am so happy she has settled into her new school so well and cannot thank AYCE enough for giving her hope.

The only problem is that they want to start eating them now!


wendy treseder said...

And I don't blame them, they both look delicious. Almost too pretty to eat. (I did say almost!) lol

Leeanne O'C said...

they both look fantastic and delish.


Leeanne x

Vesna said...

They both look yummy. No-one would notice if a little went missing from the back of them hehe.