Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little quiet time...

I am sitting writing this in a lovely quiet house - John is at work and kids are asleep.

The one thing I notice about holidays is that I never seem to get "me" time. Everyone is home and wanting things - I can't even go to the shops by myself. It seems very strange to be in Melbourne - usually on Boxing Day we head to Lake Mulwala for a couple of weeks. Now I have 3 teenagers who don't want to go there (no broadband internet!!) so John and I will go by ourselves for a few days before I go back to work.

Christmas Day was great - the kids loved their presents. Sean got a 20" flat computer monitor, Bec got a Ninendo DS and Emi a new MP3 player and other bits and pieces. Pancakes for breakfast then off to my mother's for lunch. As usual we had a seafood entree, turkey and trimmings and finished with a huge pudding made to my grandmothers handwritten recipe. There were 16 of us - my family and the Maskreys (who are near enough to family!) - and the day was filled with fun and laughter. I missed my father not being there but we gained Ben. Tom was very frail but was able to be with us. My mother did an amazing job - she does the majority of the work. No wonder she was tired at the end of the day!

I am thankful for a family that can enjoy being together.

Boxing day sales - that's a whole other topic (now I know why I don't like being in

Not many days of 2007 left now.



wendy treseder said...

Hi Karen,

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas day. Even though it's a lot of work it's great having lots of family and friends around at this special time of year.

A few days away by yourselves sounds like magic. Just what the doctor ordered, yes?
Take care

Amy Bland said...

That handwritten secret xmas pudding recipie sounds yummo!
Glad you had a good chrissy!
Luv Aim x