Thursday, December 13, 2007

Countdown to a break...

Isn't it amazing how the thought of 3 weeks off keeps you functioning. Gradually the "must do" pile is reducing. Christmas Show is over for another year - and I did not take one photo for a change - Bec had no training last night so I didn't have to go out (except to do three loads of washing - must get washing machine fixed one day!). One Circle Journal layout to complete and they are finished - and on time. More birdies to sew but I need to buy more ribbon so they will have to wait. I can see the top of my desk at work - just - but now its down to getting my easy client accounts done so boss can do tax returns while I am off. Do you think I should tell him I am having holidays????? Bit depressing though that first December BAS's are already arriving in my PO box. Anyone told Michael D'Ascenzio that he needs a break too! (Not until he deposits my tax refund into my bank account
Em's gingerbread house is looking a bit...mmm...eaten!

Better think about Christmas shopping soon too.

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wendy treseder said...

Hi Karen
I bet it feels good to have made it past that hump, hopefully you have more time to relax now all the driving around is over. (yeah, right)
Gingerbread house looks like it was hit by the Sydney hail storms!!
See you tonight