Sunday, December 16, 2007

My flock have landed...

My birds have landed on their branches now - there's about 12 of them in the tree. It must be time to start buying presents to put under it.
Crop/party night at Paperdoll was fun as usual Friday night - got a great little paper bag album from Leeanne in the KK. I have made such a great group of friends there - we will have to stay in touch in the New Year (especially as we need to borrow Vesna's I am having withdrawal symptoms on Fridays already - coffee beats housework any day.
Off to the movies with Em tonight to see Mr Magorium then only 4 more days at work. YAY
K x


Vesna said...

Love your birdies and the tree looks fab as well. you don't want to visit me, you just want to use me for my stamps, now I know. HEHE


Amy Bland said...

Im soooo jealous of your birdies. My friends got theirs, but my own tree ended up with none! :-(

Stay safe this Christmas.

Cu in 2008!

Amy xx

Amy Bland said...

Thankyou for the little pressie secret santa! It looks very cute on my tree, and matches perfectly. Such a sweet thing to do, you are such a lovely person.

Have a fantastic christmas tomorrow.

Love from Amy xx