Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dolly is having a makeover....

My home away from home is closing :(

Very sad for me, but in the scheme of things, the best decision for Wendy and her family. I have been so lucky to have found this little haven - I walked in on the day it opened and met Leeanne - who at that stage hadn't even done a layout. Booked in for the shop's first crop night and stayed ever since.

Wendy has made Paperdoll more than a shop - it is a community of friends. I have met so many wonderful ladies there. Friday mornings have always been drop kids off, clean up at home as quickly as possible then off to have coffee with Wendy.

No more running around the corner when I need a piece of cardstock or something else I have forgotten (or when family are annoying me!) and no more Harry's cheeky smile on a Saturday.

See you after your makeover Dolly xx



wendy treseder said...

Tears in my coffee! Thank you Karen I'm so touched by your words.

judee d said...

Lovely words and lovely memories, The shop Paper Doll may be closing but the main part of paper doll is still there, wendy and all the close friendships that have been made since its inception.
Keep the memories and the friendships.
Keep smiling and healthy

Leeanne O'C said...

Here Here!!! or is that Hear Hear!!!

Amy Bland said...

Bye bye Dolly!