Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 is over.....where did the year go?

Its been a busy year. During 2009 :-


  • I farewelled my mother in law Bessie, and Sarah's mother Toni, Lydia and Jen - and I miss them all
  • We emptied my MIL's house
  • We moved house after 5 years - packing and moving 2 houses in one year - not recommended.
  • Em tried to return to her old school
  • Em said goodbye to Molly and Nat, her rats
  • My income reduced - but my blood pressure hasn't!
  • My creative mojo went missing

BUT .....

  • We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary
  • Bec represented Australia at the Oceania Championships
  • Emily and Bec went to the school formal
  • We LOVE the new house (and I love that over 20 cubic metres of rubbish didn't come with us)
  • Em turned 16 - and now has Abi and Ziva the rats
  • Bec and Sarah both turned 18 - and neither have their P's yet even though they both have cars!
  • Sean turned 20 - and now has a new car to play with
  • Em completed year 9 and is much happier thanks to Alison
  • Bec passed her VCE and is wants to go to Deakin University
  • Sarah passed her VCE too and wants to do a science degree at Melbourne Uni
  • Sean has almost completed his course.
  • Em has been accepted into a Cert II in Animal Studies at Victoria University - this will be done at the RSPCA in Burwood.
  • We have a new nephew - Lachlan
  • John now has 3 grandchildren with the addition of Arabella and Emma and appreciated Kate's comment on what a lovely big family we now have at our Christmas gathering - and is so happy their relationship is now so good.

And for me - most of the time just taking life a day at a time was about all I could manage.....

Let's see what 2010 has in store for us.

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RivkA with a capital A said...

Wishing you a good year, filled with joy and happiness!