Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where has the year gone?

It's been so long since I posted that I think this will be a dot point of what has been going on and I'll post some pictures later. Better grab your coffee...

  • Sean's car was stolen the day after Toni's funeral and later recovered missing everything he owned from inside - including his rubbish
  • He had his first accident in Sarah's grandfather's car which he was given when his was taken - and has now 2 months later received an invoice for $13,000.
  • Bec skated in the State Championships - silver for figures and precision
  • Bec skated in the Australian team at the Oceania championships and her team won gold and has now retired from the team
  • She is studying hard for VCE exams and only training 3 days a week now.
  • Emily made a decision to try to return to the high school that let her down so badly. It has not been successful yet - but she is now going to a psychologist to help with her anxiety disorder.
  • She won an award from her school for attendance - a Pet's Paradise voucher - so now Ziva and Abi have a lovely new wheel to run around in.
  • John has been working non stop and emptying his mother's house - a huge stressful job - at the same time. He coped well until the night we finished and it really hit him that he no longer has his parents. His sister as usual did almost nothing except complain.
  • I have been working and spent my 2 week break fighting off a lung infection. Bit stressful when you are really not sure what your major client is up to and you know you are deliberately being left out of the loop. At least we can claim "plausible deniability".
  • The girls went to the Senior Formal - the theme this year as Masquerade - Bec's friends hired a Hummer limo and had a great afternoon preparing for the night. Emi went too - she and her friend Elissa had spent many afternoons shopping for the "perfect" dress and Em made an elaborate mask.
  • Our house has been sold and we are about to pack and moved again - we have accumulated a lot of junk in the 5 years we have been here. so its clean out time.

I'll be back later with the pictorial version...

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